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Sun Square Pluto

Those with Sun square Pluto are passionate, and sometimes dangerously so. In fact, this very, very, very passionate nature and focus of great effort is driven into areas that ignite their interests. It could involve work, music, literature, religion, politics, writing, and creativity. In fact, anything that uses up this dynamic energy. Furthermore there is usually a deep affection for loved ones, and a powerfully protective nature, safeguarding and shielding those they treasure from any sign of danger. When the person is involved in a project/individual their penetrating and emotional nature usually means they can get attached and totally absorbed in a belief a person or an idea. A lust for something, and usually intense longing for some kind of fulfillment is present. The Sun-Pluto individual has a piercing quality. It is rare for these people to make a neutral impression on others, and many of their personal relationships need to contain the big three - passion, intimacy and commitment.

The usual interpretation of Sun square Pluto suggests there will be far reaching changes and the chance for regeneration, transformation and rebirth. It is not an easy task to try and interpret what this metamorphosis involves for a specific person. Though Astrologer Lyn Birkbeck has this to say on the meaning of transformation...

" If this seems 'unfair' it is only because you are ignorant of the chain of events, of previous actions or failures that have been amounting to a Critical Mass over some time. Sooner or later comes a time and a circumstance where there is no room for equivocation or compromise. It takes concentration of experience to force you to concentrate, and look more deeply into the root causes of things."
Sun Square Pluto - Exposes the Individual to the Darker Aspects of Life

Sun-Pluto people are concerned with the mysteries of existence and love to dig deep for the answers, and often remain a mystery to others. Indeed, they prefer it that way, and usually this passion for life and its secrets gives a profound depth of knowledge, a keen insight, and deep awareness of the world. When the person changes there is usually a marked  adjustment in their level of emotional maturity.

The person possesses a determination that cannot be matched, they keep digging until they find what they need. The square aspect formed between the Sun and Pluto creates a few weighty problems around the Sun principle. The Sun in the natal chart rules over our identity, men in general, the husband, father, self-expression and purpose in life. The nature of the Sun is to radiate, shine and shed light on all things. The Sun square to Pluto aspect exposes the individual to the darker Plutoinian aspects of life - taboos, abuse, violence, mental illness, power and control.

The square aspect develops and strengthens the personal will, because that is what is needed to meet its demands. Lack of skills or resources to meet any current crisis may be a cause for frustration or concern. The aspect implies direct application of energies to accomplish immediate ends. The energies or types of actions symbolized by the planets involved will be applied forcefully...The square's mode of action is abrupt and creates discomfort, which is a spur to action. The square aspect produces turning points in the life, critical junctures. This aspect is one of obstruction, disruption, imbalance, frustration of desire (or self-realization through heroic struggle) and is the most dynamic of all aspects. It allows for the building of frameworks or structures on which the future will depend. By Wikipedia

Sun square Pluto types remain self-controlled for long periods of time, and sometimes it can be difficult to get know the real person. Still, knowing them intimately doesn't always give complete access to the individual, and there will be a door that will always remain hidden. In trutth, these individuals are viewed as extremely complex, secretive and difficult to analyse. According to astrologer Sue Tompkins these types take great pains to hide themselves.

Those with Sun square Pluto are obsessed with achieving their goals, and can be just as competitive as Sun-Mars types, but they are less open about it. Often the wielding of such a concentrated will-to-power helps them achieve their objective in the end. Due to, Pluto's connection to Hades, the figure that was unapproachable, feared due to this powerful personality. Those with strong Pluto contacts to the Sun have the feeling that they are invincible and will go to any lengths to get what they want. To lose almost feels like a death, and the person invests everything in winning.

When the individual forms close relationships it often brings up some deep complexes about trust issues and forming bonds is sometimes difficult because of the fear of abandonment, death, and painful endings. Unresolved feelings of inner turmoil in the personality results in overreacting, and seemingly trivial events trigger explosiveness. Another issue for these individuals comes in the form of authority. The Sun-Pluto person may have feelings of hatred towards those in positions of power. They may use manipulation and psychological pressure in an effort to gain the upper hand. Many lessons involve the use of personal power and this requires the confrontation with one's own darkest shadow. Sun-Pluto types have incredibly strong desires to know themselves and their deepest psychological recesses.

Sun-Pluto people may also struggle with the feeling of being worthy and self hatred may be an issue. Until they are able to accept themselves they remain feeling bad, unattractive, unworthy and unlovable at their core. The father often plays a significant role in the individual's solar development. The father may be an overwhelming personality that is able to completely control the child. The Individual may have felt they had no "space" in childhood, unable to breathe, and the feeling of being invaded is often a common one. A child with this contact may feel helpless and bullied by his sheer presence.  The occurrence of the death of father, or of a loved one, is another feature.  The bond with the father is also often a very close one and he inhabits an important place in the individual's psyche.

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